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Juicing experts, Connie Hansen and Olle Persson – CABALA!


Juicing experts, Connie Hansen and Olle Persson – CABALA!


Juicing experts, Connie Hansen and Olle Persson – CABALA!


 Juicing experts, Connie Hansen and Olle Persson – CABALA!

Connie’s Health, Naturally, and Jessica Ainscough the Wellness Warrior.


Wellness Warrior Jessica Ainscough, Connie Hansen Health

Lifestyle Transformation Guide.

Question, ladies & gents:
What would happen if you treated your body with the utmost  respect & kindness?

What if — starting today — you made your health & wellness the absolute, non-negotiable, number one priority?

It might feel like a radical paradigm shift (it is). It might seem selfish (it’s not) or impossible (ditto).

As a woman who’s gone from champagne-guzzling party girl to green-juicin’, cancer-kickin’ Wellness Warrior, I’m living proof that transforming your life is possible.
The Lifestyle Transformation Guide is a whole world of information & support for people to want to look & feel better, heal their bodies from stress & disease, and keep their own wellness promises.
Take a look around. I'm so excited to be your guide! xx




Connie Hansen, Master Clense Secrets

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Connie Hansen, Juice Cleansing - NOW





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Connie's Services


Connie's 10 Health Services Provided;

1.) Relaxations / Meditation.

    Meditation Classes – Evenings and weekends - $25.00

Good Health start with good relaxed mindset.
This is proven without doubt buy the detrimental effect stress has on people’s health.

Learn techniques to relax your mind, focusing your thoughts on your desired outcome, and make this a daily habit and you be amazed over the improvement in wellness, health and over all energy.

Introduction to Active Meditation seminar.
A session that can be viewed here in Mudgeeraba, the 3 hour seminars can be viewed at once - or divided into 2-session.

The Meditation classes vary and are either lead by live facilitator, or through the Sandy MacGregor Audio CD’s.

The 3 hour Meditation Seminar is available for purchase HERE.
The Meditation CD-pack is available for purchase HERE.

    Sandy McGregor meditation programs
    Books and DVD’s
    ReWake Meditation Audios.


Many different types of meditation;

Firstly, classic silent meditation;
Sit comfortable, relaxed, focusing on your breathing or your heart.

Second, guided meditation.
Some background music, and a facilitator guiding your focus and your thoughts in particular directions

Third meditation, EFT tapping;
again a guided meditation with the facilitator directing your focus on your thoughts, normally towards water in the moment want to achieve, be it health, wealth or other competence.
In this meditation we add at tapping process on selected acupuncture spots in the face and upper body.

Fourth the meditation;

Fifth meditation, Buddism;
The sound of God, and other monotone sounds.


Sixth meditation, prayer;
Yes prayer, if you have a religious belief, and faith in your God. Then asking God for guidance, for assistance and for strenght is nothing more less than a meditation process.

Seventh Meditation;
Guided Inner memories cleancing.
"Cell Memory" cleansing.
Traumatic experience cleancing.

2.) Mental Health.

    The Journey – One on One, assisted meditation session. - $375.00

Good Health start with the mind.
This is proven without doubt buy the detrimental effect stress has on people’s health.

The Journey process are focusing on your “cell memories” deeply rooted memories that form our habits, reflex reactions and thereby outcome – the reality we experience – on a daily basis.

Connie, or a qualified “Journey Practitioner” near you will perform the journey process with you. An assisted meditation session helping you to locate the controlling memories, including forgiveness and relaxation of the memories.
HERE’s a book with full detailing of the Journey process.
The Journey” Hard Cover Book. – The Journey” Audio Book.

The Journey” process on CD.

3.) Massage;

    Good Health is looking after every joint and muscle in the body.
    A good massage will relax both body and soul, while focusing on a specific muscle or joint problem.
    Professional Masseur - $
Details To Be Advised;

4.) Swedish Massage, full body Masssage.

Details To Be Advised;

5.) Relaxation, Lymphmatic Massage.

Details To Be Advised;

6.) Reflexology.

    Detailed Description to come.
    Connie Hansen Health, entire Health Progran Shopping.

7.) Weight Control;

    Good Health can be measured around the waist.
    Good Health can only be created / maintained through mutual efforts of the conscious mind (appr; 12%) and the sub-conscious mind (appr 88%).

Running a Journal is always an excellent idea, especially if you are in the process of changing any part of your life. This program provides you a Journal, but are not telling you what to eat and what to do, this is not another dieting program.

Active meditation (2 times per day minimum) are required, as well as a consulting session with a personal trainer.

In regards to food you will learn the benefits of, and how to, increase the whole food component in your diet. There are now limit to how much raw whole Food you are allowed to eat, you will further learn how to increase your water drinking during the day and night.

Letting the body rest for one day per week.


    12 Months Weight Control Program - $ 475.00
Involving; Meditation, Journey Sessions Weekly one day cleansing and Done Tolman Nutritional information.

Sandy MacGregors Active Meditation; Weight release Meditation.

8.) Environment / Home Detoxification program.

The Don Tolman academy;
    The Farmacists Desk Reference
    Other Products?

The Farmacists Desk Reference.
Don Tolman “Break Through to Health” 6 CD-pack

9.) More Healthy Living. Monica Colmsjo

Brain Chemistry Science.
    Our Body, our temple, is a very resilient machine, and it does handle a lot of abuse from us. But there are limitations and permanent damage, or very hard to repair damage.

The damage is unbalanced diets and outright toxins we assault the body with;
Overloading on Fat and Carbohydrates, (Bad Fat and Bad Carbs.) High Glycemic food that mobilise the body for an hour and then disappears. Then we have the outright toxins; Sugar, Caffeine, Alcohol, Chlorine, Fluoride, Electric radiation, Air pollution, Colouring and Preservatives in food, tons of prescribed drugs, and illegal street-drugs.


These are issues addressed in all Connie’s Health programs, but more direct and specifically in Monica Colmsjo’s book; “Sugar Dreams”. GET YOUR COPY HERE AND NOW!

Monica are lecturing in Brain Chemistry balance, toxicity and addiction, either in seminars, business functions or one on one. Consultation can be help over phone or Skype, thus no geographic limits.

Get Monica’s book HERE NOW, or contact Connie’s Health HERE to get in touch with Monica.

10.) Annual cleansing programs. - $3,875.00

    3 Weeks Resort based program – thorough and natural relaxation.
    Juice Fasting, Meditation, Yoga, Massage – Holidaying and relaxation.
    Physical exercise and stretching.
    One on one “Brandon Bays Journey processes”. Optional / as required.


Connies Health Sub Menu

This page is Created and Serviced by Connie Hansen; - - to assist people with a desire to achieve ultimate health in life. This is complete Health; Spiritual, (your brain and thoughts) Social, (Relaxation and Passionate relationships) Physical Fitness, (A physically strong body that maintains circulation) and Medical. (Removing symptoms, and maintaining a Healthy body).

After all, these 4 are spokes in your wheel, and you will have a bumpy ride should you neglect any of the spokes.

Connie Hansen is not a Health Practitioner, she is a Health Facilitator / coach, guiding you on the path to complete health. With Connie’s extensive studying and practicing health – and with the great team she has put together on this site – you have found the “one-stop-shop” for health.


Connie Hansen – Health Club

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Thought of the Day at Connie Hansen Health.

The great thing in this world is not so much where you stand, as in what direction you are moving.
 Oliver Wendell Holmes

The real power behind whatever success I have now was something I found within myself - something that's in all of us, I think, a little piece of God just waiting to be discovered. -- Tina Turner

All Healing is from within, it is not from pills or potions.
It is that little piece of God that is in as all – Natures and Universal Intelligence.