Juicing experts, Connie Hansen and Olle Persson – CABALA!


Juicing experts, Connie Hansen and Olle Persson – CABALA!


Juicing experts, Connie Hansen and Olle Persson – CABALA!


 Juicing experts, Connie Hansen and Olle Persson – CABALA!

Connie’s Health, Naturally, and Jessica Ainscough the Wellness Warrior.


Wellness Warrior Jessica Ainscough, Connie Hansen Health

Lifestyle Transformation Guide.

Question, ladies & gents:
What would happen if you treated your body with the utmost  respect & kindness?

What if — starting today — you made your health & wellness the absolute, non-negotiable, number one priority?

It might feel like a radical paradigm shift (it is). It might seem selfish (it’s not) or impossible (ditto).

As a woman who’s gone from champagne-guzzling party girl to green-juicin’, cancer-kickin’ Wellness Warrior, I’m living proof that transforming your life is possible.
The Lifestyle Transformation Guide is a whole world of information & support for people to want to look & feel better, heal their bodies from stress & disease, and keep their own wellness promises.
Take a look around. I'm so excited to be your guide! xx




Connie Hansen, Master Clense Secrets

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Sandy McGregor

Connie presents Sandy MacGregor and; "Your Peaceful Place"

Your conscious mind, your adult logically reasoning mind.
your subconscious mind your stubborn five-year-old that don't want change.

The subconscious mind always wants what it got.
And this subconscious mind do not want what it haven't got.
It is our status Q.!!!

“”Meditation is a holistic discipline by which the practitioner attempts to get beyond the reflexive, "thinking" mind into a deeper state of relaxation or awareness. Meditation has been practiced since antiquity, different meditative disciplines encompass a wide range of spiritual and non-spiritual goals.

The outcome being to achieving a higher state of consciousness or enlightenment, developing and increasing compassion and lovingkindness, receiving.””

The above being the dictionaries definition.

So what does meditation have to do with health?
It has everything to do with health!

Connie Hansen and Sandy MacGregor Active Meditation Seminar.Meditation accessing the mind and it is the mind that dictates and control everything that happens in our bodies and our lives. Mind and body are inseparable, we create in the mind and manifests in the body and our physical world.

Meditation is our path way to our subconscious mind, the subconscious mind that has 88% of our brain power and all of our memories, experiences and programs that we have been introduced to in our lives.

Your conscious mind is about 12% annual subconscious mind is about 88%.

Consequently, an idea in the conscious mind have little or no chance of success on less it is incorporation with the subconscious mind. Be it smoking, losing weight or conquer a health condition, as long as the subconscious mind have memories and programs that maintain the condition - then it will not change.

Meditation, and other similar techniques, to access the subconscious memories, programs and sometimes stored childhood traumas must always be a part in successful change.

Change of habits, and change in life has never ever been achieved without the consent of the subconscious mind - it can not happen!

Click Images below for Product details and Purchase.

Sandy McGregor Peaceful Place Meditation Package Sandy MacGregor Calm Meditation Seminar. Sandy McGregor Books, Programs and Seminars
17 Sessions Meditation. Buy Now 3 h Video Seminar, Meditation Other 'CALM' Boks / Programs

Conscious vs. Subconscious – Logic vs. memories /programs.
(Let’s call it “Logic” v “imagination”)
By: Rahayu Ratnaningsih

"Self control doesn’t come from controlling our feelings but from feeling our feelings."

Have you ever tried to change a habit, or become more self-motivated, only to find your subconscious mind resisting?  There is a basic law of the mind at work here: whenever your conscious and subconscious are in conflict, your subconscious invariably wins.  This is called the law of conflict.  It can also be stated another way, whenever imagination and logic are in conflict, imagination always wins.

People usually try to change their habits through will power and/or self-discipline.  While they may convince themselves what the logical course of action is, they still imagine themselves doing what they subconsciously desire to do.  For example, smokers trying to quit still imagine the taste or smell of cigarettes, or dieters imagine how good junk food would taste –and then wonder why they backslide into old habits.
Logic works with the conscious mind, but often not with the subconscious.  Controlled meditation or subconscious programming helps accessing and changing the subconscious standpoint.

Controlled meditation, also known as active meditation, is a simple procedure that doesn’t cost anything or take too much effort, yet the result is compelling.  It combines autosuggestion and creative visualization in a very relaxed state of mind.  What one needs to do is simply to get relaxed and visualize the desired traits or conditions as having been gained together with the contentment that goes along with them.   This is combined with affirmation or autosuggestion constructed in present tense.

The subconscious mind does not know the difference between true physical states, and imaginary conditions. Tell your subconscious mind enough times that you are a non-smoker, that your weight is 70 kg and a very healthy - repeat these throughout the day and the subconscious will endeavour to live it out, to manifest your desires.

Including meditation in your life - and do it everyday! Get this 3 hour seminar now, and start achieving your desires in life. - CLICK IMAGE!

Connie Hansen and Sandy MacGregor Active Meditation Seminar.

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Active Meditation

What is Meditation?

The Macquarie Dictionary (Australian) defines meditation as:
"1. To consider in the mind as something to be done or effected; intend or plan. 2.  to think deeply, reflect."
The Oxford Dictionary is similar, however it adds "exercise the mind in (esp. religious) contemplation."
I often find that dictionary definitions are fairly narrow and in this case I wonder about how those definitions fit in with: Passive Meditation (a process of emptying the mind); Prayer Meditation; or Active Meditation.

What is the Meditation state of Mind?

From a technical point of view, meditation is when one is deliberately in a deep mind state, the Theta brainwave state. Do you remember the four different brainwave states? The Beta state is the one we predominantly live in; we can think of 9 things at a time in this state (we need to, to drive a car) and in this state we take on stress. The Alpha state is the relaxed focused state; we think of only one thing at a time in this state and we release stress in this state (the Peaceful Place method teaches how to do this in 30 seconds or less). The Theta brainwave state is the meditation state (it takes about 4 to 7 minutes to get to and I teach going down through the colours of the rainbow after you go to Peaceful Place). When you are in the meditation state; your mind is extremely acute and you have often lost that awareness of your body. The Delta state is deep sleep - no thinking. To get to the Delta state you go through Alpha and then Theta (as the dream state) and then to deep sleep - no dreams.
At this time it is important to say and know that if you can go to sleep, then you can meditate. You can reach the Theta state by going to sleep can't you? Well when you do that deliberately, all you then need to do is to hold yourself in the Theta brainwave state (without going to sleep) - that is the meditation state.

Positions to Meditate

There are no special positions to be in to meditate. There are no "have to's". I have meditated on a chair, on the floor, in a car, in the bush sitting against a tree, lying on a lawn, in a train, in an aeroplane, in a boat. Others I know have meditated in a hospital bed, having an MRI, standing up in the corner of a room, and more ... there is no limit.
I hope you've got the picture, that you don't have to sit with your legs crossed in a yoga position and you don't have to have your hands facing upwards with your forefinger and thumb making a circle.
Here are some commonsense practical hints. Sit in a comfortable chair, in an open body position, with your feet flat on the floor. If you lie down then there is a tendency you may go to sleep. If you prefer to lie down then have your arm from the shoulder to the elbow on the floor (or bed or lawn) and then from the elbow to your finger tips have pointing towards the sky - that is at right-angles to the top part of your arm. If you fall asleep then your arm will probably drop to your chest and wake you up - we need to be awake. By the way, if you cross your arms or legs then you could be disturbed half way through your meditation either by wanting to move your arms or legs because of the lack of blood flow and therefore some pain. As to clothing, have it comfortable and loose - if your belt or shoes are tight, then loosen them and have a blanket to keep warm if necessary.

Active Meditation

A few words firstly about Eastern meditation. Most Eastern meditation is based on working towards "emptying the mind" or "having no thoughts". We talk to ourselves 65,000 times a day. It's a huge challenge to have no thoughts (and I'm not sure of the real value of that) and many people who try to learn this type of meditation give up, saying that "they can't meditate" because they are always interrupted by thoughts.
It's encouraging to know that you can have thoughts and still be in the Theta brainwave state - that is, still meditating!

I much prefer the usefulness of active meditation, that is, doing something in your mind, controlling your thoughts using guided imagery (an audio CD or your own thoughts guiding you) and visualisation. When you are relaxed and in the deeper meditation state, the filter - the reticular activating filter - is open, allowing information to flow between the conscious and subconscious mind. With active meditation you consciously give the subconscious mind words and imagery to work with (this is visualisation using any or all of the five senses: see, feel, smell, hear and taste, and talking to yourself and imagination). In this way you can achieve so many things like - pain release, healing, forgiveness, overcoming fears, self confidence, moving through depression, creativity and so many more things (please look at my meditation CDs).
Meditation produces enormous life benefits. Every meditation you do releases stress - the first component of anxiousness and worry. Look at the way Thomas Edison used meditation to produce - literally hundreds of practical inventions. Most artists use it to get ideas. If you are a hands-on person wishing to come up with a design or manufacturing process, use meditation to help. Ask yourself questions. If you're in an office and are "snowed under", daily meditation will help to set priorities and see solutions more clearly.

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Sandy McGregor Peaceful Place Meditation Package Sandy MacGregor Calm Meditation Seminar. Sandy McGregor Books, Programs and Seminars
17 Sessions Meditation. Buy Now 3 h Video Seminar, Meditation Other 'CALM' Boks / Programs

Some Challenges and Solutions

You may well be in the middle of a meditation, say about overcoming anger, when other thoughts come in. What do you do with these thoughts? Pretend that the thought has come in through the left ear and then let it go out through the right ear. Or that you capture that thought and put it in a pilot-less aircraft flying overhead - the thought goes. If the thought comes in again then take that action again. If the thought keeps on coming then write the thought down and tell yourself that you will take action later, then go back to meditation. If it happens again, then say to yourself that you have taken the action of writing it down and you will handle it later, then let the thought go again - out your right ear. It generally won't come back. Remember also that some of these thoughts may well prove to be very useful reminders.
Baroque music at 60 beats to the minute can be useful music to help to meditate when you're not doing an active meditation using a CD. The heart beat tends to get in time with the music, which in turn helps to keep you in the meditation state of Theta.

A few words about sleep. For active meditation, you need to be awake, so if you have a tendency to drift off to sleep, then do two things: one is to meditate when you are not tired, and the second thing is to get into a more uncomfortable position. With some people who have gone to sleep both lying down and sitting down, I have suggested to stand safely, with their back in the corner of the room. Recently one seminar participant was so overjoyed at using this standing position, experiencing meditation for the first time, having tried to meditate for years. There are always exceptions aren't there? When you are using meditation to go to sleep, this is an obvious exception. When you drift off doing the healing meditation, know that it still works when you're in Theta and I suggest that you stay calm and focused for as long as you can, for it can take considerable effort to meditate when one is quite ill and say perhaps battling cancer.
If you drift off and find yourself on say a beach on a tropical island while you're meditating about self confidence (for example), then just tell yourself to come back to your Peaceful Place and then continue to listen to the active meditation on CD. You have remained in Theta. All that's happened is that your thoughts have wandered. You get better and better at focusing in meditation as you practise daily meditation.

How do you get to the Theta State?

Earlier in this E-Report I mentioned colours of the rainbow and the fact that after you have gone to the Alpha State (using Peaceful Place) then it takes about another few minutes to get to Theta. The science behind getting to the Theta state using the rainbow colours is what helps us. The outside colour of the rainbow is red and it has the longest wave length and therefore the coarsest vibration when you bring it into your body through guided imagery and visualisation. The next colour, orange, has a lesser wavelength and a lesser vibration. This continues through all the colours so that the vibration of the colours in your body is getting finer and finer, whether you feel it or not (some people feel it - so be aware that this might also be the case for you). The remaining colours are yellow, green, light blue, dark blue and indigo. The interaction of the colours in your body helps you to get to the Theta brainwave state. I then always ask for the Highest Light, the clear, colourless light, to fill, surround and protect us for the highest good of all concerned. (I have spoken about this spiritual concept in previous E-Reports).

How do you know when you are in the Meditation State?

You will be able to easily recognise when you have reached the Theta brainwave which is unlike recognising the Alpha brainwave state. (That is the Peaceful Place. I recommend that you that you know when you are in Alpha by? recognising the same sense each time when you say "Sit in your chair" - that is, when you reach Alpha using Peaceful Place). With the meditation state you will recognise being there using any one of the following indicators: your mind will be extremely acute, your legs and/or arms could feel extremely heavy, legs and/or arms could feel extremely light, no feeling in your body, or you experience the patterned bright colours similar to a kaleidoscope.


I do urge you to meditate. Make meditation part of your life - it is so rewarding, with all its practical benefits. Develop a program of meditation. If you have never meditated before do so 10 to 15 minutes each morning and each night. See which suits you better and then decide to do 20-30 minutes each night or each morning. You will notice the benefits. If you say you can't fit it in to your busy day, then I suggest getting up earlier - yes, that means reduce your sleep time. Meditation is better than sleep and remember as adults we only need 8 hours rest a day, that is, 8 hours made up of Delta (deep sleep), Alpha (relaxation) and Theta (meditation).

So, here's to the benefits you achieve by deliberately meditating each day.

All The Best
Sandy MacGregor

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Peaceful Place


Below is a sample of Sandy MacGregor's active meditations, the unconditional love meditation.

Click on the three images;

Introduction - Unconditional love part one - Unconditional love part two.

Click this Image for an introduction to the Unconditional Love Meditation.

 Connie Hansen, Sandy MacGregor Active Meditation Image


Sandy McGregor have created an excellent three hour seminar on how to perform his active meditation, it is a very educational seminar into the science of the subconscious mind. We do learn how the subconscious mind is about 88% of all consciousness, and how these 88% often work against all conscious desires.

In the seminar you would learn how to line up your consciousness, and have your entire being working towards common goals.

Sandy is also presenting the stages of the brain, the four 'brain frequency stages" are:


Once you have full understanding and control over the above stages, many of your problems may be something of the parts.

Your sleeping problems may be gone.
A lot of your stresses will vanish.
And your anxieties may evaporate in an instance.

Click this Image for the First Part of the Unconditional Love Meditation.

Connie Hansen, Sandy MacGregor Active Meditation Image


 Click this Image for the Second Part of the Unconditional Love Meditation.

Connie Hansen, Sandy MacGregor Active Meditation Image


Contact Connie NOW, (Int; +617 5530 4579 / Nat; 07 5530 4579 / connie(a)conniehansen.com) - and find out how you can get in contact with Sandy MacGregor and CALM seminars.

Or use this simple form!


Sandy McGregor's books;
    no need for heroes
    creating happiness intentionally PDF
    student steps to success
    switch on to your inner strength
    piece of mind

Combination study packs;
    books, CDs and DVDs

A long list of CD education.

And live seminars around Australia and overseas.

Click Images below for Product details and Purchase.

Sandy McGregor Peaceful Place Meditation Package Sandy MacGregor Calm Meditation Seminar. Sandy McGregor Books, Programs and Seminars
17 Sessions Meditation. Buy Now 3 h Video Seminar, Meditation Other 'CALM' Boks / Programs

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Buy Active Meditation Now


Active Meditation 3 Hours Seminar.


Tap into your inner strength and use the power of all your mind, with powerful and deliberate techniques of Active Meditation.


Active Meditation Seminar – the - “Why” and the “How To”

Active Meditation is a method that easy and useful, especially for those people who find it difficult to simple "drop the mind". To tap into your inner strength and use the power of all your mind, with deliberate techniques, you must first learn how to meditate – you can go on and relax in less than 30 seconds. Then you can use it for everything from anxiety and anger to depression and cancer.
You’ll learn from an International Trainer and Best-Selling Author of 5 books who has hundreds of thousands of people doing his seminars, reading his books and listening to his CDs and DVDs. Sandy MacGregor turned a potentially devastating tragedy into personal power through active meditation strategies when dealing with the murder of his 3 daughters. His story was told on “Sixty Minutes” and ABC TV’s “Australian Story” and by Alan Jones on radio.
We are done a disservice when told that we must “drop the mind” or “think nothing” when meditating.
That is hard to do – takes a long time to learn – many people give up – and scientifically it is inaccurate. You can meditate and think.
Times like these, (especvially the world's economic issues) – stressful times – when it has been proven that stress can cause disease (Australian Scientists at the Garvan Institute 5 Dec 2005) we don’t need misinformation when dealing with our own health. You can think and meditate! 

Scientifically, meditation is done in the Theta brain wave state, akin to the dream state, but having mind control. Salvadore Dali and Thomas Edison were prime examples of people who used this meditation state to advantage – for Art and for inventions.

The 3 Hour Active Meditation Course is available on DVDs.

PLEASE NOTE: Most scheduled Seminars conducted by Sandy are in Sydney. If you want Sandy to conduct a seminar in your location for your group then please complete and send the “Advise Preferred Location Form” below.

When there is sufficient interest in (or near) the location you nominate or you come to a private arrangement with CALM then CALM will arrange the seminar.
CALM can also advise you of the closest Independent Credentialed CALM Coach (ICCC) who is coaching CALM clients and conducting seminars using the proven CALM techniques.


 Connie Hansen Active Meditation by Sandy McGregor.



The Peaceful Place Collection on 9 CDs has the meditations: pp3 Releasing Hurt, pp4 Healing Yourself, pp5 Meditation, pp6 Forgiveness, pp7 Tapping Your Creativity, pp8 Weight Release, pp9 Letting Go Anger, pp10 Self Worth and Confidence, pp11 achieving in Exams and Study, pp12 Making Sleep Easy and Useful, pp13 Inner Peace and Harmony, pp14 Improving Relationships, pp15 Overcoming Fear, pp 16 Acceptance and Letting Go, pp 17 Unconditional Love, pp 18 Overcoming Worry & Anxiousness, pp 19 Moving Through Depression.

CD 1
Track 1 Building Your Peaceful Place
Track 2 A Peaceful Place in 3 minutes
Track 3 Releasing Hurt - Peaceful Place No 3

CD 2
Track 1 Healing Yourself - Peaceful Place No. 4
Track 2 Meditation - Peaceful Place No. 5

CD 3
Track 1 Forgiveness - Peaceful Place No. 6
Track 2 Tapping Your Creativity - Peaceful Place No. 7

CD 4
Track 1 Weight Release - Peaceful Place No. 8
Track 2 Letting Go Anger - Peaceful Place No. 9

CD 5
Track 1 Self Worth and Confidence - Peaceful Place No. 10
Track 2 Achieving In Exams and Effective Study - Peaceful Place No. 11

CD 6
Track 1 Making Sleep Easy and Useful - Peaceful Place No. 12
Track 2 Inner Peace and Harmony - Peaceful Place No. 13

CD 7
Track 1 Improving Relationships - Peaceful Place No. 14
Track 2 Overcoming Fear - Peaceful Place No. 15

CD 8
Track 1 Acceptance and Letting Go - Peaceful Place No. 16
Track 2 Unconditional Love- Peaceful Place No. 17

CD 9
Track 1 Overcoming Worry and Anxiousness - Peaceful Place No. 18
Track 2 Moving Through Depression - Peaceful Place No. 19


Connie Hansen, Relaxation, Meditation, Active Meditation ImageJoin me in this pursuit of better Health, Happy and Peaceful Living. Enjoy and Sharing our experiences.

True Health is Achieved by Correcting the root cause of our conditions; Relaxing and Controlling Thoughts through Meditation. Eating and Exposing ourselves to clean nutrient environment, wholefood and removing toxins.  Thirdly through cleansing our old erroneous programming and believes, releasing our energy and full potential in every cell in the body.

Send me a note today!!  HERE - or


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After all, these 4 are spokes in your wheel, and you will have a bumpy ride should you neglect any of the spokes.

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