Juicing experts, Connie Hansen and Olle Persson – CABALA!


Juicing experts, Connie Hansen and Olle Persson – CABALA!


Juicing experts, Connie Hansen and Olle Persson – CABALA!


 Juicing experts, Connie Hansen and Olle Persson – CABALA!

Connie’s Health, Naturally, and Jessica Ainscough the Wellness Warrior.


Wellness Warrior Jessica Ainscough, Connie Hansen Health

Lifestyle Transformation Guide.

Question, ladies & gents:
What would happen if you treated your body with the utmost  respect & kindness?

What if — starting today — you made your health & wellness the absolute, non-negotiable, number one priority?

It might feel like a radical paradigm shift (it is). It might seem selfish (it’s not) or impossible (ditto).

As a woman who’s gone from champagne-guzzling party girl to green-juicin’, cancer-kickin’ Wellness Warrior, I’m living proof that transforming your life is possible.
The Lifestyle Transformation Guide is a whole world of information & support for people to want to look & feel better, heal their bodies from stress & disease, and keep their own wellness promises.
Take a look around. I'm so excited to be your guide! xx




Connie Hansen, Master Clense Secrets

Check this out!!!



Connie Hansen, Juice Cleansing - NOW





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Connie Hansen Health Questionnaire, Image and Button.


Dear Connie,
Thank you so much for first telling me about Brandon Bays book The Journey and then graciously guiding through my own journey process.
I hadn’t heard about the journey process before but when I had finished reading the book, I immediately opened it up and read it again. When I started it I had no intention of doing a journey of my own but by the time I had finished I knew it was something I should undertake. Although I didn’t quite know why; it was just a gut feeling. Perhaps it is like that for everyone.
Still, I was completely unprepared for what was about to unfold. The four hours that it took seemed like 10 minutes; so involved was I in the process.
You unerringly guiding me through the steps I had to take. You were so patient; a steady, calm, loving voice letting me know how great I was doing and keeping me tuned directly into my source.
You made a special comfortable place for me with soft natural lighting and gentle music. You made extra efforts to make sure that I felt safe and private. You explained everything so well yet nothing prepared me for what happened in those 4 hours.
You must have been exhausted, but not once was I aware of anything except the journey I was on.
It has been 5 weeks now since that day and I can honestly say that after that day I KNEW something big in me had broken as a result of that journey. Real healing has taken place in my heart. There is NO doubt about that.   I see the benefits of that journey everyday and I am so grateful.
Thank you so much Connie.
If anyone is wanting to go through this process but is a bit nervous because of its highly personal nature – I can whole heartedly and without reservation recommend Connie.



Connie Hansen Holistic Health Confidentiality Agreement


Don In Australia

Connie's Health and Don Tolman - Some Facts that hopefully are awakening!!

90% of doctor visits or unnecessary! We run into the doctor’s practice with any small aches and pains, ailments that could easily be cured at home on with some natural remedies.

90% of operations in our hospitals are unnecessary! Flushing the bodies tubular system and giving the body some rest would do a lot better job.

But the doctors are laughing - laughing all the way to the bank actually.

When are we going to wake up?

When are we going to realize that we are acting like “Robots or Sheep's, running around in the paddock allowing them to milk us off our money, off-our health and off our brain capacity. That's right the lesser we think, the easier we are to handle and to manipulate.

So when are we going to wake up people? When are we going to stand up, to take responsibility, and to act as grown up thinking human beings.

Don Tolman is on a lifetime mission of helping us to wake up.

ConniesHealth by Connie Hansen, Join Connie’s Health Mission.

So, what is it we’re dealing with here?

We have a sickness industry looking after their own creations, creations that we call “disease”, and the sickness industry have now created more than half a million of them - no wonder they are busy raking in the money. But as a consequence, regardless of your condition they will find some “disease symptoms” to suit, followed by a prescription of some equally artificially and toxic drug.

Ahhh, not to forget, the subsequent dig into your bank account, as well as a big chunk of the bill through the tax-payers contributions.

And $10,000 later you're told that you have other symptoms as well, and you can start a new run on the “merry-go-round.”

When are we going to wake up?

Get this CD-pack and Learn what’s going on!!!
6 CD collection with ancient truths, wisdom and facts, it is a true life saver for you and your loved once.
For a mere AUS $185.00 you can truly become a life saver, and save your family and friends hundreds of Dollars in medical bills.

Click HERE or on the image to ORDER NOW!
Connie Hansen and Don Tolman Health Mission, 6 CD pack with Truths and Facts.



Don Tolman, Self Care and Self Education - Precented by Connie Hansen.

Don Tolman, Connie Hansen, Self Help, Healing and Health


Please select the Don Tolman products below;

Click on the images to order the Don Tolman products!



Your next opportunity to catch up with Don Tolman in Australia will be early 2011, dates and venues to be announced here on this site.

The Next weekend boot-camp seminar, (2 and a half day with Don himself) will be held in Aug (prel,) 2011. Make sure you are there, and make sure your kids and grandchildren are there. (From 7 years.)




Life Changing Message from Don Tolman.

Brought to you here by Connie Hansen


As a journalist, you get to meet people from all walks of life. Over the years I’ve met some wonderful souls, been welcomed into people’s lives in the name of a story, learned many things and questioned much.

In the 15 years I’ve been doing this, there have been a few incredible people who have, just by their very nature, etched their message into my heart—some, albeit few, have even influenced me to change my life.

Once such interview was about five years ago: “Come along and meet this guy, he’s amazing,” the publicist promised. She was talking about Don Tolman, a guy from Utah known fondly by many as the Indiana Jones of Wholefoods. I’d never heard of him, or his message.

His message, I soon learned, is simple: live with nature, by nature and from nature. Understand what foods benefit particular body functions and eat them. Stop putting chemical pills and potions into your mouth. Drink fresh spring water. Stop brushing your teeth with fluoride. Listen to your great grandmother and use her natural remedies. Know that your body’s symptoms are your body’s cures. Eating meat causes putrification and dis-ease. Question everything.

A 30-minute meeting with the Stetson-wearing cowboy felt like five minutes. His message spoke directly to me, as if what he was saying I already knew on some deep level. I’d already been following some of his recommendations, purely on instinct, such as never taking a pill to relieve a headache or antibiotics to fix an ill, and no longer eating red meat.

If you haven’t had a chance to hear Don Tolman speak, below is an interview he did with Samantha Backman. I hope you enjoy hearing his message, as much as I always do.



Why it’s great: Packed with a gold mine of information that will change the way you look at your body and the food you put in it, forever. Tolman also talks about how every wholefood has a signature that corresponds to parts of the body, such as an avocado, which looks like a pregnant woman and takes nine months from blossom to ripened fruit. If a woman eats just one avocado per week, she is helping prevent cervical cancer.

Who’s watching it: Health care professionals, university lecturers and doctors who are realising the Western way of healing with pharmaceuticals doesn’t work. Also anyone who is interested in honest-to-goodness nutrition and how it greatly improves life through diet and exercise.

What you’ll learn: How your body actually works, why disease is not a mystery and how wholefoods, water, sunshine and clean air can prevent just about any disease.

Want to know more?

Connie Hansen                                           Olle Persson
connie(a)conniehansen.com                  olle(a)ollepersson.com
+617 5530 4579                                           +617 5530 4579



Or use the On line Contact FORM HERE!


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This page is Created and Serviced by Connie Hansen; - www.connieshealth.com - to assist people with a desire to achieve ultimate health in life. This is complete Health; Spiritual, (your brain and thoughts) Social, (Relaxation and Passionate relationships) Physical Fitness, (A physically strong body that maintains circulation) and Medical. (Removing symptoms, and maintaining a Healthy body).

After all, these 4 are spokes in your wheel, and you will have a bumpy ride should you neglect any of the spokes.

Connie Hansen is not a Health Practitioner, she is a Health Facilitator / coach, guiding you on the path to complete health. With Connie’s extensive studying and practicing health – and with the great team she has put together on this site – you have found the “one-stop-shop” for health.


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Thought of the Day at Connie Hansen Health.

The great thing in this world is not so much where you stand, as in what direction you are moving.
 Oliver Wendell Holmes

The real power behind whatever success I have now was something I found within myself - something that's in all of us, I think, a little piece of God just waiting to be discovered. -- Tina Turner

All Healing is from within, it is not from pills or potions.
It is that little piece of God that is in as all – Natures and Universal Intelligence.